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Pimple-faced programming nerd falls madly in love with his shapely CEO. After much struggling and pampering he gets the girl. But what he wants is her love...

scénario écrit par Jean-Guy Ducreux en 2005.

Note de l'auteur : "Pimple-faced underdog Arnie Karelsky falls head over heels in love with the top honcho of this software company listed on NASDAQ. Her name is Ellena Billow and she happens to look like Cindy Crawford& with brains! After a much-needed make-over he manages to take her to bed, with massive help from his friends Sheldon and Jackson, who spread the rumor that Arnie has the longest willie in the company. But Arnie is in for a surprise! And he will need to work mighty hard, in order to win her heart. Perfect vehicle for a Moore/Kutcher or younger guy/older woman type of project. PAGE screenplay competition 2005 -- Quarter Finalist; The Writers Network 12th Annual Screenplay & Fiction Competition 2005 - Quarter Finalist; ScriptShark Insider Screenwriting Competition 2005 - Top 100/semi-finalist; Scriptpartnerships (UK) Finalist in 2005; 2006 Beverly Hills Film Festival FINALIST Pitch: NAPOLEON DYNAMITE meets DISCLOSURE "

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Média :Cinéma
Format :Cinéma : long métrage
Stade d'écriture :Continuité dialoguée
Stade de réalisation :pas encore réalisé
Genre :comédie
Réalisateur(s) / Dessinateur :Jean-Guy Ducreux - mentions légales - contact

International : 1001scenaristes - 1001screenwriters - 1001guionistas - 1001drehbuchautoren